Naeem Bokhari


Mr. NAEEM BOKHARI, born on October 27, 1948, by profession is an Attorney, Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Mr. Bokhari has also contributed articles to the national papers, magazines and teaches law.

Other than his professional commitments, he has been appearing on Television as a Host / Compere / Anchor Person since 1980.

Naeem Bokhari has hosted famous TV talk shows including Apne Andaz Se on which he has interviewed many famous and influential personalities of Pakistani society.

Naeem Bokhari attained intellectual celebrity status for his famous TV talk show appearances.

NOW! Mr. Naeem Bokhari will be appearing in an upcoming PTV quiz programme “Beat The Clock”, a comeback, in a show of its kind, with his own unique style, wit, spontaneity, friendliness and affection for the participants.

TV programmes hosted by Naeem Bokhari include, but are not limited to, Jahan Numa, Yaadish Bakhair, Chehray, Studio 2, Mulaqaat, Guest hour, Bila Taqqaluf, Election Transmissions.

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