Mahira Khan Prepares For First Cannes Red Carpet

It is nothing new for stars from around the world to walk the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes film festival.

But this year marks the first time the official festival sponsor has sent a star from Pakistan.

Mahira khan, a Pakistani actress who has risen to prominence in recent years, will make her Cannes red carpet debut.

She was appointed L'oreal Pakistan's hair care ambassador last year.

"It's a huge thing, for me at least, and of course for the country. All eyes are on me."

For Khan, the experience is an opportunity - not only to walk the longest and reddest red carpet of her life, but to present to the world a side of Pakistan less-known.

"There are many, many facets to Pakistan, and for people. Like me - musicians, artists, actors, writers - to go out and travel abroad. It just gives other people a better understanding of who we are."