More Than 2 MM Perform Hajj

More than Two Million Hajj Pilgrims descended on mount Arafat to listen to Hajj Khutba, the main ritual of the Hajj.

Doctor Sheikh Hussain Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, from the Pulpet of Masjid Nimra, delivered the Khutba.

Sheikh in his address said, Muslims are ordered to follow Allah Swt and his last Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, and that all success lies in the concept of Tawheed, and in declaration that Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, is Allah's Last Prophet.

He said, Prophet Muhammad's last address at Arafat gave Muslims a powerful message that was universal in nature. Islam Teaches Muslims to enjoin what is right and forbid what is reprehensible.

Islamic Teachings preach Brotherhood, it does not allow injustice and repression. The Sheikh stressed that Islam orders to make decisions based on equality and justice.

He added, Allah Swt likes those who keep cool and spend in the path of Allah by way of Charity and Zakat. Sheikh said, Allah Swt greatly likes those who seek repentance and forgiveness.

Doctor Sheikh Hussain Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said on this special Day Allah accepts repentance of all and it is on this day Allah Swt gave Prophet Muhammad the good news that your religion is now complete.

Following the Arafat Sermon, Pilgrims perform Zuhr and Asar prayers at the same time. They stay at Arafat till sunset praying for forgiveness and bounties of life.

After the sunset Pilgrims will leave for Muzdalifa where they will pray Maghrib and Esha at the same time. They will spent the night under open skies and later will gather pebbles for Jamrat ritual.

Next Morning after Fajr Prayer, Pilgrims will leave for Mina once again, where they will perform Jamrat. Following that, Pilgrims will perform Qurbani, shave their heads and open their Ehrams and head for Tawaf e Ziarat. Pilgrims will stay in Mina till 12 of Zil Hajj.

This year one-hundred and eighty four thousand Pakistanis are performing Hajj for whom Pakistan Hajj Mission has made Special arrangements.