Brazil Impeachment New Leader Temer Calls For Trust.

Brazil's new Interim President Michel Temer has addressed the nation after the Senate voted to back the Impeachment trial of Dilma Rousseff.

President Michel Temer said, "trust in the values of our people and in our ability to recover the economy,".

He has named a business-friendly cabinet that includes respected former central bank chief Henrique Meirelles as finance minster.

Former President Rousseff denounced her removal as a "Farce" and "Sabotage".

New President was the leftist Rousseff's Vice-President before withdrawing his party's support in march. She has accused him of involvement in a "coup".

After all-night session that lasted more than 20 hours, senators voted by 55 votes to 22 to suspend her and put her on trial for budgetary violations.

In her final speech in afternoon, she again denied the allegations and vowed to fight what she called an "injustice" by all legal means.

Stressing that "Economic Vitality" was his key task, he added: "it is essential to rebuild the credibility of the country at home and abroad to attract new investments and get the economy growing again."
Police clashed with protesters in brazil's largest city as the senate readied for a vote on whether to put President Dilma Rousseff on trial for impeachment on grounds of breaking budget laws.

Protesters from opposing sides of the impeachment debate met on Sao Paulo's main avenue, where local media showed riot police wrestling individuals to the ground.

At least three people were arrested.