Sr.No News Casting & Anchoring TV Direction & Production Camera & Lighting Non Linear Editing (NLE)
1 Content Development Communication Science Understanding TV Cameras History and basics of Editing
2 Stresses & Pauses Component and Function of Production Team Lenses and optics Types of Editing
3 Pronunciation Elements of TV Direction Single and Multi camera production Linear & Non Linear Video Editing
4 Fluency of language Working on a Program Idea and Planning a Production Picture Composition Composition of Video Picture/ frame
5 Interviewing Techniques Camera Work, use of Lenses, Picture Composition, Lighting Sound Recording Edit transition and digital effects
6 Probing Questions Sound & recording Techniques Nature of Light Setting Editing suite for NLE
7 New Technology Effective Make up Objective of TV Lighting & aesthetics Video editing Software and how it works
8 News Production Process Creative Set Designing & Graphics Studio Lighting Capturing Video for NLE
9 Anchoring a Talk Shows NLE Editing Editing Concepts & practices Editing Workspace
10 Wardrobe & Makeup Engineering Operations Daily exercises Job prospects
11 Body Language Programmes Budgeting & Costing Job Prospects Editing Projects
12 News Casting / Techniques Production Project/ Practical Demonstration Project Shooting
13 Exercises with experts
14 Practical projects at the end of course