PTV Training Academy is located at 47, Sector H/9, Islamabad. The total area is 5 acres. The covered area is 35,000 sq. feet. There are presently two blocks of the academy. The main block houses one color studio equipped with all technical facilities required for a quality production and training to the participants. Technical area with editing facilities and broadcast equipment. There are 4 class rooms equipped with proper teaching aids. Cafeteria for 40 people, kitchen and mess caters for food and refreshments

Library :

Academy has a very well equipped library to meet the study requirements of the participants. It has almost 2500 books, which are related to the training courses syllabus. In addition, academy has small archival video section, which carries model video clippings, which are used during the previewing sessions arranged for the participants. Daily newspapers and eminent national and international magazines are purchased for the faculty, staff and participants.

Hostel :

In the second block of academy, there are twelve rooms with attached bath in the hostel. More than 30 participants can be accommodated in the hostel. The mess caters for food. This block comprises the offices of administration, accounts and censor rooms.

IT & Computer Facilities :

Computer literacy is one of the important components of academy’s programmes. State of the art computer facilities are provided to the participants in the form of one computer lab equipped with the latest technologies available. The facility of Internet is also available to the users. Each participant of the course is allocated one computer for the duration of the course. Computers are linked with high-speed Internet 24 hours of the day. The hostel participants use the facility of Library and Computer even after the daily sessions are over.

Training to Foreign participants :

PTV Academy conducts training for the foreign countries including SAARC members. As of July 1998, the academy has embraced on an ambitious training program with over 25 courses workshops. In PTV academy, the diligence of PTV and sustained efforts has resulted in better and creative programming with significant changes in presentation style. The programs was highly appreciated by general public and it is only due to the training given to the producers and marketers or advertisers who have implemented in their program what ever they have learnt creatively in PTV academy.