Pakistan Television with the help of German Government set up its first Central Training Institute (CTI) in 1967. CTI was housed temporarily in the premises of Television Centre, Chaklala, Rawalpindi

Historical Perspective

In order to keep abreast with latest techniques and trends, training of professionals in their respective fields is always considered important in progressive broadcasting organizations. Pakistan Television with the help of German Government set up its first Central Training Institute (CTI) in 1967. CTI was housed temporarily in the premises of Television Centre, Chaklala, Rawalpindi. Subsequently, it grew and developed and in 1978 Engineering Training Cell was established.

In house training for PTV Engineers was offered. Production of TV programmes depends on craft oriented professional Producers, Engineers, Set Designers and Cameramen. To cater the required needs of technical training for Producers, Cameramen and Designers, Programme Training Cell was established in 1984.

The main project was approved in 1981 with an estimate of Rs.33.9 million from the Government, whereas PTV had to contribute Rs.9.7 million in form of old/used equipment, both programme and engineering cell were working in rented buildings before moving to the present premises.

In 1988, Engineering and Programme divisions were relocated in the existing building. It is carefully planned building which provides excellent facilities to the participants and creates an enabling academic environment for learning and development.

PTV Drama and Film Academy is a semi autonomous unit under the administrative control of Pakistan Television Corporation and Ministry of Information & Media Development. It is managed by PTV. A Director is appointed by PTV as Director PTV Drama and Film Academy to look after the policy matters at PTV Headquarters level. General Manager is head of the unit with financial and administrative powers.

1.To improve professional standards of PTV personnel in all areas while helping in career planning.
2.To prepare training materials and promote international exchange of expertise as part of Resource Development.
3.To analyse the performance of PTV for self improvement.
4.To introduce new concepts and formats in TV operations.

Functions :

- Basic training and foundation planning of producers, engineers, cameramen, designers, makeup artists, admin, finance, anchors and technicians.
- Refresher courses and updating of knowledge base at various levels.
- Introduction of new concepts in programme productions, camera techniques, news, current affairs, design etc.
- Introduction to new formats in engineering.
- Prepare training materials.

Profile :

Government Approval:
Construction Started:
Construction Completed:
Covered Area

H-9, Islamabad.
35,000 Sq. Ft.


- TV Studio    2,000 Sq. Ft.
- Class Rooms    03 Nos.
- Computer Lab    01 No.
- Technical Area   
- Admin & Accounts Offices   
- Cafeteria   
- Library   

Foreign Recognitions

It is Proud to be recognized by leading international organizations.In near past AIBD and ABU used to organize its courses at PTV Drama and Film Academy for participants of this region.

AIBD - Asia Pacific Institue of Broadcast Developement Malaysia

ABU - Asia Pacific Broadcast Union Malaysia

CBA - Common Wealth Broadcast Union, United Kingdom

SFB - Sender Fries Berlin - Germany

Thomson Foundation - USA

Courses Offered To Other Departments


• Pakistan Air Force

• Pakistan Navy


• Pakistan Metrological Department




1. News Trend in TV Makeup.
2. Stay Ahead-Embrace New Technology.
3. Winning Work Culture.
4. Seminar on Tax Reform.
5. Audio Video Measurement.
6. Job Tax Training work Shop.
7. Effective use of Urdu as Broadcast Language.
8. Videographer & Studio Lighting.
9. Co-existence of Old and New Media (1).
10. Co-existence of Old and New Media (2).
11. Webinar-Impact of Fake News.
12. Contemporary Trends in TV Programming.
13. The Art of Leading through speaking on Television.
14. Introductory workshop HIPO.
15. Virtual Set Designing.
16. Satellite Communication Technology.
17. The art of Photography.
18. Audio in TV Broadcasting.
19. The art of Photography (Part 2).
20. Team Building Developing Synergy.
21. Digital Modulation Techniques for HD Broadcast (2 days).
22. Employee Motivation and Organizational Behavior.
23. "Hands-on Training on HD Broadcast Equipment”.
24. Manpower Development and Moral Values.
25. Office Decorum and Ethics.
26. Employee Motivation and Organizational Behavior (Second Session).
27. The power of Effective Communication.
28. Hands-on Training on HD Broadcast Equipment.
29. Picture Composition


• We intend to start comprehensive courses on all fields of production and performing art for general public. It will earn revenue which can be utilized in developing infrastructure and enhancing training capacity.

• We intend to plan for capacity building of Master Trainers of the Academy by sending them to world’s renowned media academies like BBC Academy UK, Deutsche Welle (DW) Academy Germany, Al-Jazeera Academy Qatar, CNN Academy USA.

• We intend to start short and long duration courses for private entrants on various media skills and performing arts which can earn considerable revenue to the Academy.