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Television centres were established in Karachi & Rawalpindi & Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

Pakistan entered into Television Broadcasting age with a small pilot TV Station established at Lahore from where transmission was first beamed in Black & White with effect from 26 November 1964. Television centres were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974.

While introducing the sophisticated branch of the electronic media in the country, the broad perspective kept in mind was to inform and educate the people through wholesome entertainment and to inculcate in them a greater awareness of their own history, heritage, current problems and development as well as knowledge of the world at large.

A Board of Directors appointed by the Government of Pakistan manages its affairs. The Managing Director of the Corporation, duly appointed by the Government of Pakistan and approved by the Board of Directors, is the Administrative and Executive Head of the Corporation.He is the competent authority to implement rules for the Corporation and its employees.

When PTV came into existence in 1964, there was a staff of 30 employees, which has now risen to more than 6000 persons at all Units of the Corporation. The employees of PTV are divided into 09 groups and every group has a separate pay scale.

The diligence of PTV and sustained efforts has resulted in better and creative programming with significant changes in presentation style. The promotion of programmes has been totally been revamped in lieu of improved re-packaging and tailor made programming along with energized marketing strategy.

PTVs endeavor for initiative has surfaced with a number of milestones of particular significance. Deserving special mention here are the daily programs of Tilawat & Tarjuma of the Holy Quran; programmes highlighting the cause of Kashmir; PTV World, a new satellite channel was launched in the face of tough international competition.

The objective of providing a homely atmosphere to family viewers has been well achieved. The audience driven programmes have given PTV a new look and dramatically changed the views about PTV. PTV has surged ahead of its competitors and as such PTV-2 has been turned into a viable project. Generation of more than Rs 56 million within a span of five months of the implementation of the new idea speaks of this unparalleled achievement.

Technical improvement of PTV is evident from the change in screen presentation. The public has greatly appreciated this cosmetic transformation not only in programmes but also in News & Current Affairs. Recent usage of Computer Technology to facilitate the generation of virtual sets is a significant landmark in the history of PTV.

On the other hand active participatory programmes have supplemented the authenticity of Current Affairs programmes and generated a lot of public interest. Live Open Forum; PTV has taken a lead over its contemporaries by introducing Audio-Text and Tele-text services in the region. The live cricket and hockey quizzes and the recently held PTV Awards are few examples of mass public participation through Audio text. Availability of on-line Flight Information, live surge and fall of stock exchanges, news updates etc. on normal home TV sets are few references of Teletext application.

Every new idea brings with it the opening of whole new vistas of creativity. Prime TV is yet another venture in this regard, which resulted in the generation of additional income. Mideast Time, an extension of PTV World, targets Pakistani expatriates in the Middle East at a time when people need to relax with family entertainment.

The main responsibility of PTV is to provide public service broadcasting not only within Pakistan but also outside Pakistan.


Pakistan Television Corporation is the biggest media organization of Pakistan. It is an autonomous public sector organization. The main responsibility of PTV is to provide public service broadcasting not only within Pakistan but also outside Pakistan. It makes programmes for all its viewers in drama, documentaries current affairs, entertainment and sport. Its programmes are produced in Urdu as well as in all regional languages i.e Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi. While producing its programmes it pays due attention to the interest and aspirations of all strata of society and tries to reflect those effectively in its programmes.

PTV has a lot to be proud of

Its lists of accomplishment is ever increasing and every achievement is a milestone in itself, like :

1. Salaat-o-Tarawih direct from Makkah during Ramadan

2. Launching of PTVs Web site on Internet

3. Special live interviews from Dubai, Saudi Arabia & New York

4. Taji Mori at 12,500ft, one of the world's highest transmitters.



Responsible for formulation and implementation of administrative policies, co-ordination with other Centres, overseeing administrative services, formulation of PTV Employees Service Rules and amendment in the Rules, as and when required, implementation of directives received from the Government, to arrange centrally insurance of all PTV assets/properties and realization of Insurance Claims in case of loss/damage caused to PTV assets/properties, to deal with legal matters instituted for and against PTV in various courts of Pakistan and to deal with PTV Unions.


Responsible to perform the personnel functions, which fall into two categories:

i) Operative :
The operational function of Personnel Department includes the activities specifically concerned with procuring, developing, utilizing and maintaining efficient work force.

ii) Managerial :
The Managerial function of Personnel Department pertains to the activities concerned with planning, organizing, staffing and directing the work of those who perform the operative functions. The broad functions of Personnel Department are formulation and implementation of personnel policies, over-seeing personnel functions all over the Corporation, manpower planning including recruitment, promotion and transfer etc.

Training & Delegation :
Responsible for training of Staff within the country and abroad, dealing with the delegations, responsible for deputing officials for Seminars, workshops Symposia, Conferences, Meetings, Exhibitions, Competitions, Advisory Missions to Foreign Agencies to make arrangement for PTV Coverage Teams deputed for VVIP coverage abroad.

Council Business :
Training & Delegation Department is also responsible to deal with the Council Business (Senate / National Assembly).

Security :
Responsible for maintaining security of men and material of entire TV Network according to the prescribed procedure as laid down by the KPID (Key Point Inspection Directorate) of the Government of Pakistan.


PTV is a public limited company with an authorized capital of Rs. 3.000 billion. The Government holds entire paid up share capital of Rs.1529.300 million

It has always been motivated and guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society in the light of Islamic injunctions.


In fulfillment of its broad and main objectives, PTV's telecast policy concerning various matters of National and International interests. It has always been motivated and guided by the cardinal principles of educating viewers about the values that are vitally important in building a united, integrated and disciplined society in the light of Islamic injunctions. These objectives have successfully been achieved through a variety of programmes at religion, at education,at entertainment and at culture etc.

The projection of new emerging social order is highlighted in PTV's general programming focusing directly and indirectly on the themes like morality, civic or national responsibilities, drive against narcotics, environmental pollution, agricultural reforms in discussions, shows, and through anchorpersons in the transmission

PTV has started programmes AL-QURAN AL-HAKEEM one hour of Tilawat and Tarjuma by renowned Qaris. It is being telecast daily at 6.00 a.m. The text of the Aayat is shown on screen. This helps the viewers in reading and listening so that they can read the Qura'an correctly


Pakistan Television News informs its viewers across the country on the latest newsworthy happenings on the national and international levels. During the past few years, there has been rapid expansion in the area and scope of news coverage. Enhancement in the number of bulletins has enabled PTV to keep the viewers abreast of the latest happenings at the National and International level.

1) Emphasis is now being given to on-camera reporting and special news reports on subjects of popular interest. Moreover, there has been a qualitative change in the news reporting as well as presentation of news bulletins from National News Bureau, Islamabad and from other centres. Merit and objectivity are being maintained as a hallmark of PTV news items which extends to routine day-to-day coverage and to the parliamentary proceedings, political activities of the government and opposition, besides human interest stories

2) PTV news broadcasts stretch over from early morning till midnight. There are two Urdu language bulletins in the morning transmission. In the evening/night transmission, there are four short duration Urdu language bulletins, one Kashmiri language bulletins and one Arabic language news bulletins Al-Akhbar and 9 O'clock Urdu language main bulletin khabarnama.

3) Regional language bulletin in Punjabi from Lahore, Sindhi from Karachi, Pushto and Hindko from Peshawar and Baluchi, Brahvi and Pushto are telecast from centres to enable people of the areas to see and listen to PTV news bulletins in their own language

4) To bring home maximum coverage of international events, PTV news has made arrangements with Reuters TV, London, a world-leading network, to satellite news items to PTV Islamabad round the clock. PTV news covers all visits abroad of VVIPs, international conferences and important other events through its own camera teams and makes all possible efforts to air them same night. At a number of occasions in the past, PTV news has proved to be ahead of the leading networks of the world in airing important events i.e...

5) PTV News has been making continuous efforts to project right of self-determination of the people of occupied Kashmir and countering Indian propaganda about the fate of our Kashmiri brethren. PTV visualized the brutalities of Indian forces on the oppressed people of Kashmir. PTV telecasts the voice cast interviews of Kashmiri leaders, across the Line of control to project inhuman treatment given to the Muslims in the Indian held Kashmir. PTV news has its permanent news bureau at Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, to cover various events including visiting foreign journalists and foreign delegations that witness the plight of Kashmiri refugees who were forced to leave their home. Like international networks, PTV news also sent its camera team to Afghanistan to cover the war between different groups and plight of the common man there

6) With the advancement of the Computer Technology, PTV news is also in the process of computerization to receive and telecast news items by computer. Computer Graphics are being used in all news bulletins.


Current Affairs programmes has been a regular features of PTV Transmission, ever-since its inception. A separate PTV Current Affairs Directorate was however, established in 1982. Current Affairs programmes, including regional languages, produced by each of the TV Centre are accommodated in regular PTV transmission. The themes of Regional Language programmes mainly revolve around local and provincial matters of current affairs nature. Current Affairs Division also produces programmes on special occasions such as live telecast of Armed Forces Parade on Pakistan Day, Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day, Head of State's Address to the Nation, Documentaries on important national projects, certain sessions of Senate and National Assembly. In the programme Open Forum, Federal Ministers/Minister of States are invited to answer the questions through e-mail, on Telephone and by Media/Experts sitting in the various studios of PTV. This programme is live and is very popular amongst viewers.


PTV Sports Division was created in 1983 to provide healthy entertainment to our viewers. It has emerged as an extremely productive and earning division of PTV.

1)The chief objectives of this division are to arrange healthy sports entertainment through the coverage of exciting moments and happening in the field of sports and to keep the viewers informed with the National and International sports event

2)Presently Sports Division is producing regular weekly transmission on PTV apart from occasional International / National sports coverage. PTV also televises live national and international sports around the world, keeping in view the interest of Pakistani viewers.

PTV procures foreign programmes including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programmes.


The major responsibility of I.R. Division is to promote friendly relations with international TV Networks/Organizations to enhance know-how in the field of electronic media. I R Division participates in the International Television Festivals/Competitions held in different countries by sending best PTV-Programmes. Thus PTV has won distinguished prizes and commendations.

A large number of programmes have been sold to telecast in different counties which resulted strength of the financial condition of PTV and more efforts are being made to increase the sale of PTV-Programmes. M/s Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company and M/s Sports Star International are the major distributor of PTV programmes.

A lot of PTV plays and documentaries have been provided to foreign countries through Ministries and our missions abroad on gratis basis for the projection of Pakistan and its people which have been liked by them and later on they have purchased several selected PTV programmes.

Dubbing and editing is carrying out by I.R.Division. Some selected programmes are sub-titled in English and Arabic Languages for overseas projection especially for Muslim countries. Documentaries of National Geographic are being televised with Urdu dubbing. A series of animated imported programme "Treasure Island "is being dubbed in Urdu language for telecast. PTV has recently provided the satellite facilities to foreign agencies with regard to nuclear tests and earned approx.US$:0.4 millions.

Co-productions with foreign TV organization are conducted on bilateral basis to strengthen relations with each other. Necessary arrangements are made through Ministry of Information & Media Development and Foreign Affairs.

In order to fill airtime beyond PTV's production capacity at roughly 1/8th of the cost of local programmes and as an essential window to the cultures of the world through information, education and entertainment. PTV has procured foreign canned programmes on hire/rental basis to suite its genious. PTV procures foreign programmes including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programmes. Foreign programmes from a major part of educational transmission and has been of immense value for school/college going students as well as general public.

A PTV Editorial Board comprising six Directors headed by the Managing Director evaluates publicity material and viewing samples provided by the international distribution agencies. After the normal procedural formalities, programmes thus selected are acquired against the payment of approved rental fee normally for one transmission.


PTV Censor Board was formed in 1968 headed by Director Programmes Administration. It was separately instituted within PTV on the approval of Secretary Ministry of I&MD in December 1980 to clear and certify bulk of imported and locally acquired programmes with speed and efficiency. Consultant News/Current Affairs/Presentation presently heads the Board.

PTV/STN Censor Board For Commercials

There is another joint PTV/STN Censor Board for Commercials constituted by the Ministry of I&MD functioning at PTV HQrs since June 1990 which examines and certifies all advertisement material for telecast both from PTV & STN.

There are four sub-Censor Boards for Commercials functioning at Karachi/Lahore/Peshawar and Quetta. The meeting/censor sessions are held twice a week with exception of censor shows of NTM's classified material required to be held in emergencies.


The Engineering Division takes care of the day to day operations and maintenance of PTV Centres and Rebroadcast Stations, new projects, Planning & Procurement, as well as research and Development activities. PTV started its services on 26 November 1964 with two small stations at Lahore and Dhaka (Former East Pakistan). Over the years the system has grown into a Countrywide network offering two programmes channels.













Various projects are being implemented under two main Categories: -


ii) PTV's Self-Financed Projects.

PTV procures foreign programmes including feature films, cartoons, science fiction, comedy, adventure, classic drama serials/series and general programmes.


Established in 1987 Pakistan Television Academy is an apex institution in the country, which imparts professional training in various disciplines of television broadcast technology. Headed by a full time Director, and assisted by a team of television professionals who are members of the academic faculty, PTV Academy functions with a prime objective to enhance the professional skills of its manpower force in variety of fields alongwith an aim to update their knowledge and keep them informed with the development taking place in their respective fields. It is a fully equipped training establishment with high academic standards. Academy conducts basic courses for new employees; refresher courses, seminars and workshops for in-service employees.

Till June 1998, over 3100 persons have attended training programmes conducted by PTV Academy. These participants attended training courses in Engineering, Computer, Finance, Administration, News, Current Affairs and Programmes Production. They also include visiting participants from other countries including SAARC members. As of July 1998, the academy has embarked on an ambitious training programme with over 25 courses/workshops for the year 1998-99. It has opened its doors to the Private Sector and offered Ten (10) courses on payment, during the period in various programming disciplines. The Academy of late, in order to optimize the use of its resources, has also started offering its modest recording facilities on payment, to Private Production Houses.

Retrieval of PTV's prized Entertainment Programme Archives, which runs into thousands of hours, and special productions for international market, are amongst the latest responsibilities functions under the control of the Training Division recently we have sold archives and 7-1/2 crore for Prime Time TV. A few topics for special productions are plays on Kashmir, and Nishan-e-Haider recipients.


The Marketing Division of PTV is responsible for marketing the programmes and the commercial time on its screen. It is the major source of PTV's earnings.The Marketing Division launched its activities on a modest scale after the inauguration of the electronic media in the country, in November 1964. Over the years, as a result of increase in coverage, television setcount, viewership, broadcast hours and the growth of business, the Marketing division has likewise, expanded itself on national level.

Central Marketing Office, the main Office of the Marketing Division, is located at Karachi, while Regional Marketing Offices are operating at each of the PTV Centres at Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Additional Marketing Office at Faisalabad is functioning to facilitate the local business and industry. • A major part of the business enacted by the Marketing Division is through advertising agencies accredited with PTV. These agencies are entitled to 15% commission on their gross billings. Direct business from clients is also accepted on cash payment. Contracts are also executed between producers of private programmes and PTV for time purchased programmes. All business conforms to clearly laid down terms and conditions, framed by the Board of Directors of PTV.

The tariff for commercial spots and sponsorships is mainly based on viewership, Television setcount and the area of coverage. Special events/programmes, via satellite transmissions, live sports overages and specially negotiated privileged positions are negotiated at special packages. Discounts are offered to certain categories of advertisers to encourage them into making deals for bulk business. The Government also charges a surcharge of 17% GST on all commercials booked and telecast by PTV.

The PTV/STN Censor Board at Islamabad strictly censors commercials telecast by PTV. The Board follows the "TV Code of Advertising Standards & Practices" which lays down minimum standards applicable for television commercials. This ensures high moral code of advertising on PTV.The Director Marketing is the overall head of the Marketing Division who devises marketing strategies and polices under the guidance of the Managing Director of PTV and implements them and guides the Marketing Department for achievement of maximum business.


In the course of institutional Projection of PTV the Public Relations Department has been co-ordinating with the National Press effectively. The other activities are as under:- .

1) Daily Press clippings and reports.

2) Arrangement of Press Show.

3) Arrangement of Press Conferences

4) Issue of Press releases.

5) Reply of False Stories, Propaganda & Criticism and at the same time appreciation of positive articles and items in the Press.

6) Co-ordination with the Press Artists, Producers and PTV Officials.

7) Release of PTV Advertisements.


The Information Technology Department has been recently created to face the challenges of next millennium with special reference to bring improvement in TV Screen and ensure free-flow of information. The main objectives of Information Technology Department are as under: .

1) To bring overall efficiency thus triggering increase in productivity.

2) To introduce Computer Graphics and animation for improving presentation in its creativity and style.

3) To develop Internets in order to ensure speedy and accurate flow of information.

4) To launch and maintain PTV's Internet Video Server in order to achieve global viewer ship and compete the challenges of the contemporary channels.

5) To introduce new concepts of Information Technology.

6) To maintain and expand the use of Teletext and Audiotex. To maintain and expand the use of Teletext and Audiotex.

7) To establish a Digital Video Archival Library for on-line use in transmission.

8) To fabricate News Computer Networks for real-time for reporting and its interfacing with main databank

9) To further enhance the use of Computer Graphics in the fields of sports and Current Affairs.

10) To coin ideas pertaining to the increase in revenue by getting computer screen sponsored. .

11) Management Information System.

Though the Information Technology Department has a very brief history, yet the professionals of this department have made tremendous contributions to promote IT-Culture in and outside the organization. Computerization and Networking of Election 1997,2002 and 2008 transmission, introduction of Computer Graphics in Presentation & News and Automation & Display System of Cricket and Hockey Scoring Systems are a few examples of the achievements made by the Information Technology Department in a record period of time. The Information Technology Department has also got the distinction of developing, launching and maintaining the Award Winning Govt. of Pakistan official Web Site on Internet. Besides these, the Information Technology Department have also provided consultancies to other Govt/Semi-govt organizations - which has brought good name to the department in particular and PTV in general.

PTV News

PTV News, a new satellite channel was launched in the face of tough international competition. The objective of providing update news for 24 hours.

PTV National

The objective of the PTV National is providing different local News and as well as entertainment in all language different parts of the country.


AJK TV is Kashmiri Channel, providing different programs for local viewers, Kashmiri news and Gojri news.

History of Pakistan Television Corporation Limited

Pakistan Television Corporation Limited (PTV) is a public limited company. All its shares are held by Government of Pakistan. The decision to establish a general purpose television service with the participation of private capital and under the general supervision of the Government of Pakistan (GOP) was taken in October 1963. Subsequently the GOP signed an agreement with Nippon Electronic Company of Japan, allowing it to operate two pilot stations in Pakistan. The first of these stations went on air in Lahore on 26 November 1964. On the completion of the experimental phase, a private limited company, called Televsion Promoters Limited was set up in 1965 which was converted into a public limited company in 1967. Television centres were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad in 1967 and in Peshawar and Quetta in 1974. PTV satellite transmition is round the clock. The transmission include ETV and PTV News transmission.

Karachi Centre

The Karachi Centre commenced its transmission on November 2,1967 and was the first full-fledged station housed in its own building fully and properly equipped with better technical extensive equipment for production by electronic methods it has four main colour studios, including one designed and equipped for News.

The professional quality of its varied programme fare, be it music or drama has been of a top standard. The PTV-Karachi Centre along with four Re-broadcast Stations at Thana Bola Khan, Shikarpur, Noorpur and Thando Allahyar, connected to other RBSs in the country through Microwave link cover about 90% of the population. With the opening of PTV News, Pakistani programmes are now being viewed in other parts of the world via satellite.

PTV Lahore

PTV Lahore, pilot centre started in collaboration with N.H.K. Company in a very small studio known as Studio 'C' (with three Cameras, one Tape recorder, one 35mm Telecine, one 16mm Telecine and one Opaque Projector.) Studio 'C' was situated inside the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Lahore area, was started on 26-"-1964 six days in a week (Monday off-day) in black & white with a very limited staff.

At that time, all Studio programmes were telecasted "LIVE" as no VTR Recording machines were available, which were made available in the year 1968.

Pilot TV Centre

A Pilot TV Centre was formally inaugurated on December 5, 1974 at 2-Fort Road, Peshawar. It was Black & White Production/Transmitting Centre consisting of Recording Studio and a Booth for News/Announcement.

On February 18, 1982 Main Color TV Centre was inaugurated at 58 Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam with Two Production Studios,, One Announcement / News Studio, an Outdoor Broadcast Van & 07 Nos. of portable outdoor recording units for News/Current Affairs and Programmes.

PTV Quetta

PTV Quetta was established during 1974 in the abandoned Masonic Lodge, Quetta Cantt and was formally inaugurated on 26th November, 1974 (26th November, on the 10th anniversary of PTV in Pakistan, as the first PTV Centre was established in Lahore on 26th November, 1964 and later on too, most of the Centres were established on 26th November).

Main Project Of The Academy

The main project of the Academy was approved in 1981 with an estimated cost of Rs.33.9 million from the Government, whereas PTV had to contribute Rs. 9.7 million in the form of old/used equipment. Engineering Training Cell was established in 1978 to train PTV Engineers.

A similar cell was established for Production Training in 1984. Both these divisions had been working in rented buildings before moving to Academy’s building in 1988.


PTV News, a new satellite channel was launched in the face of tough international competition. The objective of providing update news for 24 hours.


The objective of the PTV National is providing different local News and as well as entertainment in all language different parts of the country.


AJK TV is Kashmiri Channel, providing different programs for local viewers, Kashmiri news and Gojri news.


PTV Bolan broadcasts regional programmes in Balochi language.PTV Bolan was launched on August 14, 2005. Bolan Channel would promote the rich cultural heritage of Balochistan province and provides entertainment and information to the people in Balochi, Pushto and Brahvi languages.


Every field in the world is passing through the process of globalization, likewise Pakistan Television has entered into global competition. PTV Global would provide entertainment and the latest news to Pakistanis working abroad.


The Hybrid nature of this new channel will offer a rich mixture of programming encompassing: News (National & International including Business, Sports, Weather, Entertainment), Current Affairs, Entertainment, Infotainment, Documentaries, Music.