Fatima Shaheen

‘The Society’ is a social issues based talk show aiming to raise awareness about various social issues ranging from youth unemployment to mental health, from transgender rights to child abuse etc. Topics often considered taboo, but demanding necessary attention, are discussed in this informative show with a special focus being placed on highlighting the constructive work done by the Government , Civil Society, Community & Media so as to tackle various social evils. Overall, the show aims to project a positive image of Pakistan internationally.

Fatima Shaheen is a Barrister by training.She holds a degree of Bachelor in Law from University of London & was called to the Bar in England & Wales at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.

Fatima has diverse work experience from that ranging to hard core litigation to corporate advisory work ; from human rights advocacy to influencing law/policy making .Additionally ,her TV career spans to around 13 years where she has worked with various private TV Channels hosting different genre of shows. She joined PTV in 2012 with her show ‘Qanoon Bolta Hai’ ,a popular show recognised by the Pakistani Government to help it fulfill its’ international obligations as per Pakistan’s Periodic Report on compliance with CEDAW in 2017.

Since 2019,Fatima has also been hosting a social issues based English talk show ‘The Society’ at PTV World. Fatima was nominated as ‘Ponds Miracle Woman’ of the Year 2018 & her work has been officially recognised & acknowledged by Pakistan ‘s first ever ‘Women in Law’ Publication too.