UK Ponders Second Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Rise

Britain is seeing a second wave of the Coronavirus outbreak as millions of people face new restrictions as the government warns that another national lockdown could be imminent.

The government is looking at a ban on households and reducing opening hours for pubs and restaurants.

Tighter rules to prevent people from socializing with anyone from outside their household come into force from Tuesday across parts of northwest, northern and Central England.

Britain's Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the novel Coronavirus was accelerating across the country, with hospital admissions doubling every eight days, but refused to say if another national lockdown would be imposed next month.

COVID-19 cases started to rise again this month with between 3,000 and 4,000 positive tests recorded daily in the last week.

New estimates from the office for national statistics, based on samples of the population, showed England saw around 6,000 new cases of covid-19 per day in the week up to September 10, almost double the rate of the previous week.