Global COVID Cases Pass 30.6 Mln

The number of Coronavirus cases across the world have now surpassed thirty point six million while the pandemic has so far claimed over 956,360 lives.

More than twenty two point three million patients have so far recovered from the disease across the world.

The death toll due to Coronavirus soared to 203,140 in the United States while 85,625 in India and 135,857 in Brazil.

At least 19,195 deaths reported in Russia, 31,283 in Peru, 23,850 in Colombia, 72,179 in Mexico and 31,249 in France.

The death toll due to covid-19 pandemic rises to 15,857 in South Africa, 12,199 in Chile, 30,495 in Spain, 12,656 in Argentina while 9336 in Indonesia and 23,952 in Iran.