PM Urges NAB, Courts For Speedy Proceedings Against Corruption

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government has started planning to lower sugar prices, along with other commodities.

He was addressing to Tiger Force inaugural ceremony at Convention Center, Islamabad in which he dismissed opposition's power show of yesterday in Gujranwala as a "circus".

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government inherited historic deficit worth fourty billion dollars. He said the government has chalked out comprehensive strategy to stabilize economy, boost trade, and control inflation.

Referring to corruption cases related to politicians, Imran Khan said he already predicted that the corrupt elite will join hands to save the looted wealth.

Prime Minister urged the Chief Justice and the chairman nab to start day-to-day hearing of corruption cases. He said from now onwards, no production order will be issued for any corrupt politician and no VIP jails for any corrupt politician.

Lashing out at Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan said Nawaz Sharif's comments about Army Chief is attack on Pakistan Army. Prime Minister Imran said the PML-N leader was using inappropriate "language" against the army and ISI chiefs at a time when Pakistani soldiers were constantly sacrificing their lives for the nation.

He said efforts are in place to bring Nawaz Sharif back to country. He said Nawaz Sharif is trying to create chaos by leveling false allegations against institutions.

He said Asif Zardari initiated Hudabiya Paper Mill case against Nawaz Shari and we have documentary evidence Maryam Nawaz used 2.5 billion rupees from national exchequer for by-election in Lahore.

Lauding the role of armed forces, Prime Minister said the Army Chief supported government's efforts in relief and rescue operations after Karachi rains and COVID-19 pandemic. He said the army is standing with government's foreign policy. He said the security forces rendered sacrifices for protection of motherland and 20 security personnel embraced martyrdom on October 15.