PM Khan Addresses Insaf Doctors' Forum

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that hatred against Muslims living in non Muslims countries is increasing. Prime Minister said we must convey our feelings to the west.

Addressing Insaf Doctors' Forum in Lahore, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged that together we shall highlight issue of Islamophobia. Imran Khan enunciated that he has written a letter to all heads of Muslim states.

Amidst growing fears of second wave of Coronavirus, Prime Minister Imran Khan says cities facing pollution problems are more prone to the pandemic. Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan is fighting war against COVID-19. Lauding the services of doctors during COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister said he was proud of the medical, paramedical staff. He said doctors can play major role in averting COVID-19 threat.

Doctors are vital for spreading awareness regarding COVID-19. We are introducing reforms in public institutions.

Prime Minister asserts that these are defining moments for our country. He assured that he will not offer deal to anyone and compromise will be made on accountability process.