Global Covid Cases Pass 58.4 Mln : Over 40.4 Mln Recovered, Death Toll Reaches 1,385,708

The number of Coronavirus cases across the World have now surpassed fifty-eight point four million while the Pandemic has so far claimed over 1,385,708 lives.

More than forty point four million patients have so far recovered from the disease across the World.

The death toll due to Coronavirus soared to 261,751 in the United States while 133,263 in India and 169,016 in Brazil.

At least 48,518 deaths reported in France, 35,778 in Russia, 42,626 in Spain, 54,626 in United Kingdom, 36,902 in Argentina.

The death toll due to Covid-19 Pandemic rises to 49,261 in Italy, 35,104 in Colombia, 100,823 in Mexico, 35,549 in peru.5