UN Environment Assembly: Opens With Call For Stepping Up Recovery From Pandemic

The fifth session of the UN Environment Assembly has kicked off in Kenya, calling for concerted efforts to restore the health of ecosystems and secure a post COVID-19 future that is resilient, inclusive and prosperous.

Delegates from across the world, including the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, attended the first ever virtual global environment assembly under the theme, strengthening actions for nature to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Guterres said that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause turmoil globally and the world faces triple environmental emergencies, including climate disruption, biodiversity decline and pollution, which are cutting short nine million lives every year."

He said the assembly provides an opportunity to explore nature-based innovations that can be harnessed to curb emission of planet warming gases, protect endangered species and halt pollution of vital ecosystems.

Guterres said the two-day global environment assembly should reignite a transformation in the way societies relate with nature in order to avert climate emergencies and pandemics.