India Maoist Attack

The death toll in by Maoist fighters, in one of the bloodiest attacks has risen to 25 with 32 Indian security forces personnel critically injured where as 18 members of the security forces are still unaccounted for.

Security personnel belonging to the central reserve police force’s elite cobra unit, the district reserve guard, and the special task force were attacked on Saturday in the tribal-dominated Chhattisgarh State during an anti-insurgency operation.

The Maoists, also known as Naxals, have waged an armed insurgency against the government for decades.

Heavy weapons includ9ng rocket launchers and l.M.G.S were used in the attack.

After the massive attack the Indian govt has beefed up security in Andhara Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Tilanga, Tamil Nadu and other states.

Leaders of the Hardline Leftist Militant Group say they are fighting on behalf of the poorest, who have not benefited from a long economic boom in Asia’s third-largest economy.