PM Urges World To Declare COVID Vaccine As Public Good

Prime Minister Imran Khan called upon the world to term COVID-19 vaccine as global public good and vaccine producing companies must share its technology.

The Prime Minister expressed these views during his virtual address to the 10th D-8 Summit titled "Partnership for a Transformative World: Harnessing the Power of Youth and Technology” held in Dhaka.

The Prime Minister said the Coronavirus took a heavy toll on poor countries and also accentuated inequality within the countries and between the rich and poor countries.

The developing countries were not only faced with the dilemma of saving their citizens from the deadly virus but they also have to save people from hunger. He said, D-8 countries have 550 million youth population which has the potential to optimize opportunities.

The Prime Minister said, Pakistan has taken a number of initiatives such as Kamyab Naujawan, Hunarmand Pakistan, youth entrepreneurship scheme and digital Pakistan to harness the potential of the youth.