Agriculture Sector Has The Potential To Uplift National Economy: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that agriculture sector has the potential to uplift national economy and assured to introduce reforms and curb cartels involved in profiteering.

In his interaction with farmers in Islamabad, the Prime Minister said, powerful people operate in mafias across party lines who exploit farmers and general public.

He stated that his political struggle aimed to eliminate mafias which had a support of corrupt rulers.

The Prime Minister said, sugar mafia threatened FIA to increase sugar prices but his government is resolved to confront these mafias and provide relief to the public.

He said, the government intends to employ latest agriculture technology. China will assist Pakistan in agriculture sector to double the yield.

The Prime Minister said, the government is also planning to install solar tube wells to facilitate the farmers.

Earlier, farmer representatives apprised the prime minister about their issues.