G7 Summit : Leaders Target One Billion Jabs And Climate Drive

G7 Leaders gathered in Carbis Bay, UK for their first in-person talks in nearly two years, with an expected pledge to donate one billion Covid Vaccine doses to poor countries on the agenda in a show of western democratic cohesion.

The Club of leading Economies -- Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and United States - say a joint approach is the World's best chance for recovering from the Global Health crisis, and tackling climate change.

President Joe Biden has set the tone, ditching donald Trump's Isolationist stance to Ram Home a message of resolve by the G7 and Nato against both Beijing and Moscow, as he heads into his first sit-down with Russian President Vladimir Putin next week in geneva.

Campaigners say the G7's vaccine donations pledge for this year and next -- including 500 million US doses -- is far too little, too late to end a Pandemic that has claimed over 3.7 million lives worldwide.