PM Addresses Public Gathering In Bagh : No Society Can Progress Without Justice

Prime Minister Imran Khan says no society can progress without justice.

He was addressing a huge public gathering in Bagh, Azad Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan and this cannot be dnied.

Speaking about provision of basic facilities Imran Khan said Health Insurance to be provided to all families in Azad Kashmir by the end of this year.

He added that Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme has been launched for the low income people.

He said Kamyab Pakistan Program to be launched for the weak segments of the society in an effort to support them and make them beneficial for the society.

Under the Kamyab Pakistan Program interest-free loan to be provided.

He said Pakistan will to highlight Kashmir issue at all fora and we are proud of our Kashmiri brothers struggling for their rights in Indain Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking about plight of minorities in India the Priem Minister said minorities are not safe under BJP rule.