Domestic Contracts : 20 CCA Cricketers Amongst 191 Players To Receive Enhanced Contracts

Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed the list of 191 players who will be offered the enhanced packages for the 157-match six senior men’s events from today to 30 march.

Earlier, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Mr Ramiz Raja announced an increase in the retainers of domestic contracts by 100,000 rupees across all five categories.

According to announcement, 10 players in A+ category will now receive a monthly retainer of 250,000 rupees each, followed by 185,000 rupees each for the 40 cricketers in category A, 175,000 rupees each for 40 players in category B, 165,000 rupees each for the 64 players in category C and 140,000 rupees each for the 37 players in category D.

The retainers are in addition to the match fees, daily allowances, share in prize moneys and PCB-arranged lodging, boarding and traveling the domestic cricketers will receive during the six-and-a-half months of cricket.