Sri Lanka Crisis President Rajapaksa Set To Name New PM

Beleaguered Sri Lankan President gotabaya rajapaksa is set to name a new prime minister today to try to steer sri lanka out of its dire economic crisis after days of violence.

Five-time Former Premier Ranil wickremesinghe was the frontrunner to head a "Unity Government" with cross-party support in the 225-member parliament and replace rajapaksa's elder brother mahinda who stepped down on monday.

In his first national address since protests began last month, president rajapaksa offered to cede some of the presidency's power to parliament, but set no timetable.

Sri Lankans who have been calling for him to resign over an unprecedented economic crisis were unimpressed.

Many said the speech failed to address the real issues.

The country of 22 million people is in its worst economic crisis since independence with severe shortages of food, fuel and medicines and long power cuts.

Mahinda rajapaksa resigned as Prime Minister on monday after his supporters attacked anti-government supporters and ran riot in Colombo.

This unleashed several days of violence that killed at least nine people and injured more than 200, with dozens of rajapaksa loyalist homes set on fire.

A Curfew was lifted thursday morning only to be reimposed after a six-hour break allowing people to stock up on essentials.