G-7 Summit Protest: Thousands Protest Against G7 Summit In Munich

Thousands of people marched in Munich to voice a boycott of the Group Of Seven Summit, a day before the start of the three-day event in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

A total of 15 civil society organizations participated in the demonstration.

Protesters carried banners reading "resist g7 coalition" and "save the climate", and shouted slogans to join in stopping the group from holding their annual gathering in downtown Munich.

Many protesters believe that the G7 has not only failed to solve their concerns about climate change and world hunger but has instead exacerbated global chaos and led to regional conflicts.

More demonstrations against the g7 will be held across Germany during the summit.

Observers pointed out that affected by the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the G7 Countries will face the most severe challenges and crises over the years at the summit.