"The Princess": New Documentary Explores Public Role, Complicity In Diana Story

Oscar-Nominated Director Ed Perkins Trawled through hundreds of hours of footage of Princess Diana in search of moments he hoped would offer new perspective on her life in the public eye, 25 years on from her death.

His new film "The Princess" relies entirely on archive video to trace Diana's life from a timid teen to her death on aug. 31, 1997, aged 37, and the unprecedented scenes of mourning that ensued.

Perkins said he and his team hoped to explore the complicated relationship between Diana, the media and the public and elicit an emotional response from audiences.

Perkins, who was 11 when Diana died and remembers the confusion he felt over the collective outpouring of emotion, said he hoped his style of filmmaking would encourage audiences to reanalyse their own relationship with the princess.