Emirates Art Exhibition: Dubai's Sikka Art Festival Kicks Off

Inspired by their own journeys and traditions, Emirati artists present their latest works at the annual Sikka design and art festival in Dubai's al Fahidi historical neighbourhood.

With a dominant number of female artists taking part in this year's festival, the 11th edition of the cultural event is showcasing Emirati and regional talents.

In an effort to modernize the traditional Emirati handicraft of 'Talli', 23-year-old artist Sara Alkhayal, presents a visual documentation of women's unheard stories and the different old and modern patterns of Talli.

Titled "Talli currency," Alkhayal wants her installation to show people that Talli is more than just a handicraft.

From student projects to installations, visitors walking through al Fahidi neighbourhood, get to have a close look on artists celebrating and preserving the Emirati history.

In addition to showcasing artworks, the festival will feature a series of creative events and activities.