Khalistan Referendum: Voting In Brisbane Hit By Cyber Attack

Khalistan Referendum voting in Brisbane was hit by a massive Cyber Security Attack within 30 minutes of the start of the voting.

The voting started at the Brisbane Exhibition And Convention Centre with in the morning.

The voting continued smoothly for the first 30 minutes but then the whole voting electronic system crashed as the cyber-attack was launched.

Organisers Sikhs For Justice said the attack was well planned and well -coordinated.

They said that the Indian government agencies were behind the Cyber-Attack. They said that this was not the first time that the Sikhs’ Khalistan Referendum voting was attacked.

One of the organisers said that attempts were made previously as well but the it team and security experts of the SFJ were able to restore the system back up.

On Sunday as the system was disrupted, thousands of people waited in queues outside for the system to start operating again.

Inside the vast hall, dozens of policemen stood in line to provide security to the voters. Outside the hall over 50 policemen patrolled the streets as there were fears of disruptions from the local Hindutva groups who had announced a demonstration outside the centre.