Controlling Law And Order: If Law Does Not Take Its Course, Chaos Will Spread Across Country

Federal Minister For Law And Justice Senator Azam Nazir Tarar said if there is lawlessness, the law will come into action.

In his video statement on police action in Zaman Park, Law Minister Senator Azam Nazir Tarar said there is a background to the police action in Zaman Park.

He explained that the police executed search warrants issued by the anti-terrorism court, adding that this matter also came up in Lahore High Court yesterday.

Law Minister said the high court said that we cannot stop the investigation as the crime is serious, and it has to be investigated.

He said during the operation, dozens of policemen were injured. Petrol bombs and stones were thrown at those who went to comply with the warrant. They were stopped.

Senator Azam Nazir Tarar said there should not be a state within a state and the law has taken its course. Searches, seizures and arrests were made in accordance with the law.