Anti-Power Pilferage Campaign: LESCO, LEA'S Disconnect 445 More Illegal Connections, 29 People Arrested

The Lahore Electric Supply Company along with Law Enforcement Agencies continue anti-power pilferage operations. On the 13th day 445 more connections were detected and 29 people were arrested.

All 445 connections have been disconnected, and 207 firs have been registered. 29 people have also been arrested.

Three industrial, 21 commercial, four agricultural and 427 domestics were among the 445 connections. Those involved have been charged 5.4 crore rupees.

In the 13-day operation LESCO has checked a total of 5,496 connections out of which 4,848 were found being used for power pilferage and have been disconnected. A total of 3,474 FIRs have been registered in this regard, 307 accused have been arrested and more than 51.7 crore have been charged to those involved in power theft in the Lahore.

On the instructions Of Prime Minister Anwar ul Haq Kakar, the Ministry Of Energy and under the supervision of LESCO Chief Executive Engineer Shahid Haider, operations against electricity pilferers are ongoing in the Lahore city region.

LESCO's Cheif Executive Engineer Haider has said the anti power theft operations will continue and action will be taken against all those involved in meter tampering and power theft. LESCO has also taken strict Administrative action against at least 8 of its senior officers who were found to be complicit in the power theft.
IG Punjab Doctor Usman Anwar has also stated that police action is being taken against all those involved in power theft throughout Punjab.