Indian Extremism At The Height Of Absurdity: Indian Prof. Threatens Canada With Atomic Bomb Attack On TV Channel

Indian extremism is at the height of absurdity as Indian Professor Kapil Kumar threatened to attack Canada with atomic bomb on a TV channel.

The radical thinking of the Indian Professor is currently reflecting the thinking of the Indian Government.

Due to the growing extremism of Hindutva in India, problems are arising for all the countries in the region

Now Indian extremism is becoming a global problem and nuclear weapons in the hands of such an extremist country have become a threat to the whole world.

Incidents of theft of nuclear material in India keep coming up day by day.

In 2021, large quantities of stolen uranium were recovered from the Indian States of Jharkhand and Maharashtra.

India has emerged not only as an irresponsible but also as a misguided and foolish nuclear power.

Increasing extremism in India and insecurity of nuclear assets is becoming a concern for the whole world.

Western countries and the International Atomic Energy Commission, which are victims of Indian extremism, should initiate practical efforts to roll back India’s Nuclear Program.