Afghan Involvement In Pakistan Terror Incidents: Terror Networks Like TTP In Pakistan Are Supported By Afghan Terrorists

The involvement of afghan terrorists in the recent terrorism in Pakistan has been confirmed.

In the last few months, the wave of terrorism has increased in Pakistan.

Terrorist networks like TTP in Pakistan are supported by afghan terrorists.

According to statistics, 14 of the 24 suicide attacks in Pakistan in the last few months were afghan attackers.

5 Tehreek-i-Taliban Afghan terrorists were involved in the terrorist attack in Muslim Bagh on May 12, 2023.

On July 12, 2023, 3 out of 5 Afghan terrorists were involved in the cowardly terrorist attack on Zhob Cantt.

30 January 2023, Police Lines Peshawar and 29 September 2023 Cohungo suicide bombers were also from Afghanistan.

Now the time has come to deal with the terrorism coming from Afghanistan with iron hands.

Pakistan Army and Law Enforcement Agencies have started implementing an effective strategy against Afghan terrorists.

The international community should help Pakistan stop the activities of Afghan terrorists.