Banning Holy Quran Desecration: Parliament Adopts Law Criminalizing Religious Sacrilege

Denmark's parliament adopted a law criminalizing the inappropriate treatment" of religious texts, effectively banning Quran burnings after a series of desecrations sparked anger in the Muslim

The bill, which prohibits "inappropriate treatment of writings with significant religious importance for a recognized religious community", was passed with 94 votes in favor and 77 opposed in the 179-seat Folketing.

In practical terms, it will be forbidden to burn, tear, or otherwise defile holy texts publicly or in videos intended to be disseminated widely.

Those who break the law risk a fine or up to two years in prison.

Over the summer, Denmark and neighboring Sweden became the focus of anger across several Muslim countries after a slew of protests involving burnings and desecrations of the Holy Quran.

Nearly a thousand protesters attempted to march to the Danish embassy in Baghdad's fortified green zone in late July.