Elections 2024: Election Campaign Concluded, Polling To Be Held On Thursday

The election campaign by political parties and independents for the general elections concludes across the country. Polling will be held tomorrow.

Election Commission has also completed arrangements for the polling. Ninety thousand six hundred and seventy five polling stations have been established in all four Provinces.

The elections will be held on two hundred and sixty six general seats of National Assembly and five hundred and ninety three general seats of four Provincial Assemblies.

A total of 5121 candidates are in the race for the National Assembly seats. These include 4807 male, 312 female and two transgender.

For the four Provincial Assemblies, 12695 candidates are in the field including 12123 male, 570 women and two transgender.

There are a total of one hundred and twenty eight million registered voters in the country.

Punjab has the most number of 73, 207,896 registered voters followed by Sindh with 26,994,769, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 21,928,119, Balochistan with 5,371,947 and Federal Capital Islamabad 1,083,029.