Farmers' Delhi Chalo March Continues On 19th Day In India

On the 19th day of Delhi Chalo March, Haryana police continue to torture the farmers protestors.

Protests resumed after farmers' leaders rejected the government's offer of a new system.

Haryana police threatens action against protesters involved in Delhi Chalo March.

The protest resumed after the farmers' leaders rejected the government's offer on the new system.

Haryana police threatens action against protesters who are involved in Delhi Chalo March.

Human rights watch published a report on farmers' protests.

According to report, the farmers have the right to protest peacefully. Authorities threatened to stop the Delhi Chalo March.

Human Rights Watch reports said the excessive force used on farmers and the BJP-led government has repeatedly cracked down on peaceful protests.

Alarming revelations in the post-mortem report of Indian Sikh Shub Karan Singh.

According to the post-mortem report, the metal pellets were recovered from Shub Karan's head.

Doctors handed over the metal recovered from Shub Karan's head to the police.

ABP News reported that farmers also endorsed sit-in plans in Dabwali.

Farmer leader Saron Singh Pandhar criticized the government's indifference to farmers' demands.

Pandhar urged the government to legally guarantee minimum support price for crops and redress farmers' grievances.

Sarwan Singh Pandhar said instead of addressing the concerns of farmers, the government is focused on electoral gains.

Dozens of accounts in India suspended on social media platform x for supporting farmers' protests.

Human rights organizations and victims have called the suspension of twitter accounts a worrying crackdown on expression.

Suspending accounts of farmers' supporters will fuel communal hatred as elections approach.

According to the wire, India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has banned the release of a special documentary on farmers' protests.

The wire said the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting refused to allow the screening on the grounds that the documentary depicted sensitive subject matter.

Haryana police cancelled visas of protesting farmers due to the protest of Farmers, Punjab is suffering from a serious crisis of diesel and cylinder gas.

Heavy traffic on Delhi-Noida border affected by farmers' tractor march towards Indian capital.

Thousands of farmers protest on the Punjab-Haryana border, 200 km from Delhi.

Due to March, mobile internet service was again suspended in Haryana-Ambala areas.

Outside Punjab, farmers' unions called for widening the protest.