FC Balochistan South Services : FC South Is Rendering Valuable Services In Education Field

Frontier Corps Balochistan South is rendering valuable services in the field of education in Balochistan.

According to the details, currently, ten FC Public Schools are being run under the auspices of FC Balochistan South in which 561 students are being provided free education.

Hostel facilities are also being provided free of cost to 87 students from remote areas of the province.

A special children's school of its kind has been established for special children in Kharan district, in which 45 special children are currently studying.

Over two hundred teachers and 90 administrative staff are working in these schools under the auspices of FC Balochistan, which is also an effective source of employment for the educated people of the local population.

Apart from this, educational scholarships are also being granted to 16 deserving students of the University of Turbat.